Welcome to WM Capture 6

Congratulations! You are about to experience the best performing screen video capture system ever made. If you’re looking to make the highest quality videos from what you see on your PC, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s some handy links to get started with WM Capture 6:

The WM Capture 6 upgrade has some great improvements over version 4, including:

  • DVD ready videos
    You can now record videos in DVD ISO image format ready to be burned on disc. This eliminates hours of conversion or transcoding.
  • Scheduled recordings
    You can now schedule Video recordings. WM Capture remembers your screen coordinates along with the start/end times of recording.
  • Dual audio recoding
    Record Two audio sources simultaneously. For example, you can record your voice over a video with audio track.
  • Dual monitor support
    Use a second monitor to play/record videos while using the first monitor to do other things.
  • Video snapshots
    Grab a single video frame as an image file recording or pausing videos.
  • Improved video quality
    The new “Best Performance” option allows video frames rates up to 50 frames per second. This is particularly important when recording in DVD format.
  • Auto video detection WM Capture can detect motion videos and automatically mark the recording screen area. Begin playing your video then click Get Video.
  • Improved video quality Improved motion fluency and audio lip-sync for every supported video formats.
  • More video codecs and video formats
    Use MPEG-4 and DVD codecs as new video formats. You can also create AVI files. WM Capture can also use other video codecs already installed in your computer (ffdshow, DivX, Xvid, h264, FLV).
  • Lots of other requested improvements
    Pause is now available for all video formats, file sizes larger than 4 GB are displayed correctly, use WM Capture on non-administrative accounts and more!