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This user guide applies to WM Recorder YT version 2.3.1 or higher.


Welcome to WM Recorder YT, a complex yet easy to use video/audio recorder. This program includes all the components necessary to record video and audio to your computer. It can be used to


·       download YouTube video, video playlists

·       download many other Internet video/audio streams

·       record anything you see on your screen

·       record anything you hear on your speakers

·       convert recordings to any video/audio formats you need.


Using the UNICODE international encoding standard allows displaying text and symbols in their original languages.


The downloading part of the program is based on YouTube-dl app which is updated almost on a daily basis. We encourage customers to check the YouTube-dl developers website (https://youtube-dl.org/) and if possible make a donation.



Download tips

·       Open WM Recorder YT, open YouTube video page or other Internet video web page.

·       If you're using Google Chrome browser click Get Video URL to capture the video URL. Then click Video or Audio to start downloading. For other browsers copy/paste the URL from the browser address bar.

·       When downloading a YouTube playlist download you may want to select the From/To or the Numbers of the videos to download.

·       Click Single video if you want to download only one video from a YouTube playlist.

·       Live streams including YouTube live streams can be downloaded. Note that Live downloads with the same name are overwritten.

·       Downloaded file names (UNICODE) are shown in the download list in order of downloading. Note that when Best video quality or Audio format are selected the name of download is not shown until conversion is finished (if necessary).

·       Each file name (regardless the language characters or symbols) is tagged with a double digit number. Tags can be removed when download is finished. Use Settings, Remove tags to do this.

·       Run downloader only option from Settings to get details on errors or missed downloads.

Multiple instance downloads

WM Recorder YT allows opening up to 5 Instances (windows). Each Instance can be used to simultaneously download multiple streams and playlists in the same or different folders as the other opened Instances. Most program settings can be controlled separately in any of the opened instances (see Save Settings below).

·       To open/close another instance click Instance on the main screen or open another program instance.

·       DEMO version allows 2 minute of downloading for each instance.

·       Since all downloaded files are shown in the download list it is a good idea to separate downloads of different types. For example use Instance (1) to download one or more live broadcasts from different websites while using Instance (2) to download a large YouTube video playlist.

Tagged downloads

Downloaded file names are tagged with a double digit number placed in front of the initial file name. The first number shows the Instance number, the second is the download number in the same Instance. Below are a few examples

11-file name, download # 1 in Instance (1)
12-file name, download # 2 in Instance (1), from a different URL
23-file name, download #3 in Instance (2)

To remove tags open the Settings menu and click Remove tags.

Stop Downloading

·       Download stops automatically if no more streaming data is available.

·       Right click a downloading item in the list, click Stop download.

·       If the item belongs to a playlist the entire playlist download is stopped.

Click STOP on the main screen to stop all downloads in the current Instance.

Timed Downloading

·       This is mostly useful when downloading live streams. Up to 99 hours of continuous download can be specified.

·       Enter a download time duration in the Download time box.

·       Elapsed time is displayed below the Download time.

·       The Download time and Elapsed time must be reset to zero before a new timed download begins in the same Instance.

Save settings

The Save settings control can be used to save or not to save different downloading parameters. These parameters  are Best, Normal, Single video, On top, Playback, View downloader. Not saving these values allows different Instances to have their own download settings otherwise all Instances have the same settings.

View downloader / Run downloader only

·      View downloader option from the Settings menu allows monitoring the YouTube-dl console during download. It can be open and closed any time. The console window closes when the download is finished or stopped.

·      Run downloader only option can be enabled from the Options menu. YouTube-dl runs now without communicating with WM Recorder YT and it does not close when downloads are finished. This option should be used especially when there are errors or other events not captured and displayed by the main program.

Use cookies.txt file (Chrome browser only)

The cookies.txt file can be useful sometimes to download videos that require TV cable subscription. Here is how to install and use cookies.txt file.

·       Install cookies.txt extension in your Chrome browser from Chrome Web Store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cookiestxt/njabckikapfpffapmjgojcnbfjonfjfg

·       Using the Chrome browser, open the web page you want to download click the cookies.txt extension which opens the cookie file. Click "To download cookies for this tab click here...". This creates the file cookies.txt in your Windows ‘Downloads’ folder (or any folder your Chrome browser use to save downloads).

·       Move this file to your playlist directory.

·       On WM Recorder YT click Settings, Use cookies.txt, click Run downloader then click Get Video URL, Video to start downloading.

Use user/password/MSO

You can add your credentials and/or the website name (MSO) instead of using cookies.txt to download videos from websites that require subscription. Just as with the cookies.txt option using credentials doesn't work all the time. Keep in mind that is not always safe to send your credential through the Command Line.

·       From Settings, click Use user/password to open the User/Pass/MSO dialog.

·       Click Save, then OK if you want to save these values in your computer.

·       If you Cancel the dialog the user/pass option is disabled.





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All recording products presented here are not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making illegal copies of copyrighted content. Please respect the rights of the content owners when recording.