WHY WM Capture?


·       Very easy to use, “two clicks” recording, plug and play

·       Works with all Windows versions, older or newer computers

·       Record Streaming Movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Video Clips, Video Games, Webinars, Zoom, Skype, Chats, Power Point, Web Camera, DVD's, any other video you can't otherwise capture

·       Supports Google Chrome Canary browser, record streaming movies without disabling browser video acceleration

·       Record audio played in your computer from any kind of audio sources

·       Background recording, captured video can be hidden, computer screen can be used for something else

·       Add annotations or verbal comments when recording webinars, meetings, or chats

·       CPU monitoring and display to prevent overloading

Performance characteristics

·       HD and UHD/4k recording

·       H264, MP4, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, WMV Screen video formats

·       Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA NVENC

·       AAC / MP3 / WMA, WMV audio formats

·       CPU monitoring

·       Video/audio converter and simple editor included (WM Converter Pro)